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Interior Design: L’Wrenn Scott’s Parisian Apartment

Here is a glimpse into the ultra chic, almost ethereal Parisian retreat occupied by the gorgeous L’Wrenn Scott and Mick Jagger. There is something so elegant about the way she has styled the rooms that I’m almost tempted to book a ticket to France as I type. With each room exquisitely designed and each piece adding significant meaning, it is hard not to appreciate this space no matter what your design aesthetic.

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5 Ways to Style and Save

While we might all dream of going to the furniture store on a weekly basis or picking up decorative pieces on a whim, it may not always fit into our budget or our schedule. In hopes of still having some fun and shaping things up a bit, the next best thing is to use what you have. Here are some great ideas on how to make your spaces feel exciting and new again without dipping deep into your pockets. And as always, the more joy and love you put into your home, the more it will shine on it’s own.

1. Drape your furniture. Upholstered furniture such as sofas or club chairs are usually substantial investments that aren’t replaced often. If you’re stuck with a tired old sofa, loveseat, armchairs or even a futon, a quick way to give it some life is to take a cue from Morocco and drape a fabulous textile down the middle, like decorator Georgia Tapert Howe in her office. Or loosely cover the whole sofa with a colorful blanket for a more cozy look . You could even use your tapestry you hung in your dorm room. As long as it is folded evenly and maybe paired with some contrasting throw pillows, the end result will be a vast improvement and step towards interesting.

2. Add a skirt or tablecloth. Do you have an ugly table that you can’t stand, but which serves a function that you can’t live without? Consider covering it with a table skirt or tablecloth. And while having a tailored skirt fit to your table always looks incredible, going the makeshift route can be equally effective, which is what Michelle Adams did for her tv table using linen . But you don’t even have to make the skirt floor length; the designer Albert Hadley took an oversized metal table and gave it elegance by adding a tablecloth that covered only the top.

3. Use your books. When it comes to accessorizing, an easy way to update your tablescapes and vignettes is by playing with scale. In fact, David Hicks, the great pioneer of table arranging, always said that placing your objects at varying heights was essential in good design. An easy way to switch it up is take stack of art books and place it in the middle of your table, placing a vessel atop of that, and then to build around this focal point. Or, for a more dramatic look, make the high stacks of books that serve as sculptural forms in and of themselves. Use colorful spines to add some pop.

4. Hang art in unexpected ways. Your artwork can take on a completely different feel if it’s displayed in a surprising place. Just the very act of switching up your art will allow you to enjoy it a new way. Ideas include hanging your art on the facade of your bookshelves if you have them, taking the art off the walls and leaning it on the floor or atop furniture, flipping it upside down or sideways, taking it out of the frame, or hanging it in front of a wall of drapery.

5. Swap your furniture from room to room. Meaning, take a table from your kitchen, and use it as a side-table in your family room. Use your kitchen table in your dining room, and your more formal dining room table in your kitchen. Put your bedside lamp in your office and replace it with the task light from your desk, adding a touch of industrial edge to your sleeping space. Swap lamps, rugs, curtains. You get the idea. Obviously the key here is that you choose combinations that will remain functional. And in order to pull it off, you have to be willing to switch up styles and schemes for the sake of change. But remember, just because a certain chair has been in certain spot for a decade, doesn’t mean it belongs there. If you start to reconsider your stuff out of the context of where it has lived, it can take on new life.

Article and images via Apartment Therapy

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Design Crush: Black Floors

So it’s official. I’m having a full on love affair with black floors. A few weeks ago it was all white, but hey, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? When I build my dream home, I’ll get to choosing then. But for now (and as always) black is in! And while I fear the summer months ahead hold some serious hot weather for us New Yorkers, I can’t help but feel a cool and calm sense come over me when looking at these beautiful photos. Whether painted, tile, stained wood, or any other material, black is chic, effortless, edgy, and here to stay.

Images via, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy

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Bensonwood Homes: Prefab Construction Goes Green

Living room featuring a large soapstone fireplace, which is the primary source of heat for the home.

Living room featuring a large soapstone fireplace, which is the primary source of heat for the home.

Exterior shell of the 4,000 sq. ft. home took only 2 weeks to build due to prefab panels.

Exterior shell of the 4,000 sq. ft. home took only 2 weeks to build due to prefab panels.

State-of-the-art kitchen featuring Energy Star appliances and water conserving faucet

State-of-the-art kitchen featuring Energy Star appliances and water conserving faucet

Exposed Douglas fir timber, a design choice made by the home owners to create a New England barn-like feel.

Exposed Douglas fir timber, a design choice made by the home owners to create a New England barn-like feel.

Prefab homes are often associated with cookie-cutter design and cheap construction. Bensonwood Homes, however, is a shining example of how prefab, factory made homes can be both original and sustainable. Check it out!

Bensonwood Homes has been designing and building energy-efficient and high-performance structures for over thirty years. While they provide a plethora of construction and design services, one of their specialties is the sustainably constructed, prefab timberframe home. The home seen here, recently featured in Eco Home magazine, is an example of the timberframe model.

The prefab nature of the construction is geared to achieve maximum energy efficiency, as the home is designed for airtight status and features sustainable elements, such as “a Renewaire ERV for fresh indoor air, dual-flush WaterSense-certified toilets, and an Energy Star-rated Voltex hybrid electric heat pump hot water heater.”

What’s interesting about Bensonwood’s approach is that, while the base of the home is centered upon a factory-built structure, the construction process is still dynamic in that homeowners are able to customize a model’s design and layout, taking the cookie-cutter aspect out of the prefab equation.

In the case of this Weston, Connecticut home, the owners wanted the feel of a traditional New England barn, so rustic materials, such as exposed Douglas fir timber and vertical barnboard siding were used.

According to the Bensonwood site, their homes are comparably priced to “other high quality construction” in a given geographical area. They are also able to complete construction of their homes typically in 12-16 weeks and build throughout the U.S.

As a side note, I love the fact that they show how sustainable architecture and design are not for the elite few (a common misconception) but can be a viable option for many home owners.

Please visit Bensonwood’s site: for more information.

Images and article via Apartment Therapy

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For anyone in the business of design, there is nothing like that one last detail that finally completes a project. In this case, we’re talking about the accessories, the little things and the finishing touches that really make a room come to life. So often a space feels incomplete and impersonal when filled with only the essential and necessary pieces of furniture. Yet, all around you are corners, walls, and nooks just waiting to be filled with your own personal touches. This is where the fun comes in. There are several ways to utilize these small areas to not only optimize your aesthetic experience, but more importantly, make your home feel WARM and lived in. Below are some pictures of my favorite small spaces that I’ve collected. Get inspired, take a look around you, and see if you can’t create a new space of your own in your home.

Images via desire to inspire, apartment therapy, field of inspiration, vogue, pinterest

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